The Blue Oyster Cultivation Family Farm

The oyster mushroom serves as the foundation of our sustainable agricultural endeavor. Mushroom cultivation is not just a job for us, its a family affair. Joe Rizzo, his wife Wendy and the kids all pitch in, whether its pasturizing straw, manning the booth at farmers markets or posing for mushroom portraits. Its a lot of work, but were committed to growing healthy food for your family.

Our signature product, the oyster mushroom, is a primary decomposer in nature. It can eat just about anything with cellulose. That's good for nature because it sets the stage for diverse biological communities. It's good for us because it converts renewable, undigestable cellulose into digestible protein in the form of a choice edible mushroom! The oyster mushroom serves as the foundation of our sustainable agricultural endeavor.

Jillian holding cultivated white elm mushroom, Hypsizygus ulmarius.

Jillian posing with a log of cultivated turkey tails. Makes delicious tea!

Rinsed oak shiitake blocks waiting to get submerged in cold water to stimulate mushroom growth. The mushrooms will end up on the farmers market table, dried caps or in our healthy teas.

Our beautiful oyster mushrooms waiting at the Ithaca Farmers Market.

Our blue oyster mushrooms. Too pretty to eat? Thats what our customers say!

Aggressive oyster mushrooms fruiting from a bag of pasturized straw.

Blue oyster mushrooms, ready to harvest.

Always eye catching, the golden oyster is a real crowd pleaser!

Wendys favorite mushroomthe hearty phoenix oyster.

Jillian holds a horse mushroom with a cap diameter of over 25 centimeters.

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